Hidesign x Disney

You all know the rage! Hidesign collaborated with none other than Disney India to design beautiful collection inspired by the movie. If you haven’t already watched the movie, it’s not one you want to miss. I read the story years ago (Hi5 millennials *too cool*) and the impact of the movie was not washed down at all! The story is of a beautiful girl named Belle, who is taken and held hostage by the Beast; despite her fears of his looks, she grows to like him immensely and sees the beautiful person that he is inside, overlooking his unconventional looks. And what’s not to love about Emma Watson in a beautiful yellow gown *wowie*
About Hidesign and Disney India! The bags are so quaint and chic, the Hidesign team has inculcated the flower motif, typical to the story, in the entire range. The collection is Limited Edition and it denotes the enchantment and undying love from the story. My favourite is the red tonal backpack that has the red flower motif on the body in suede, I love the analogous colour play and the texture variation. The contrast in the texture juxtaposed with the play on tones of red, highlights the grandeur of the story and of the movie. IN other words, the bag is what the story is: bold, beautiful & unforgettable.
If you explore the website http://www.hidesign.com, do read on the Limited Edition. I loved what the Founder & President, Dilip Kapur said about the collection “Disney has always inspired the creation of designs that are not only beautiful but also have an emotional connect with our customers. Taking this thought ahead, we are thrilled to bring a limited edition Enchanted Collection to relive Disney’s classic story”.
Hidesign has constructed leather applique, embossed leather, patchwork and canvas bags! For a story with multiple aspects, not just romantic love, Hidesign has captured essence perfectly and of course, beautifully. Oh! It’s Limited Edition so get shopping!
Beautiful word count: 7. Hey that’s not bad, I was expecting it to be worse #SorryNotSorry


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It’s time to capture a little love the old-school way. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 7 instant film camera takes me to movies set in the 80s; to a more romantic decade (from here that’s what it looks like!) where making a memory was a bigger deal than just pulling out your phone camera and snap! Picture captured and deleted within a moment. Blah! The Mini 7 camera series is just the best way to recreate romance and a moment of instant magic. Everyone has Snapchat and an instant connection to share photos but the joy of using the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 camera, just you and your friends in that moment of anticipation of a an actual, tangible photograph in your hands, it’s priceless!

The Instax Mini 7 camera is extremely user friendly with its Fujinon Lens; the images are of high quality and I love that one can adjust the exposure! So when I’m looking for a summery, pastel-filled shoot, I’ve got my controls at my fingertips. Other features include a flash of course, the image size is 2.13” X 3.4” and the camera uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film to give us shutterbugs, a refined photograph, nay, memory *twinkle in the eyes haha*.


Needless to say that the camera itself is so prettay! The fool that I am, I even took pictures of the camera *noob* but it’s worth the addition, no doubt. Now days, photographs have become so disposable due to our smartphone cameras, I look forward to setting up a mini shoot with my girlitas and making a day out of it. And these are the photos that truly last a lifetimes; it just gives the moment an edge. A vintage edge!
Do explore their collection on http://www.fujifilm.in and it’s also available on Amazon. Happy clicking!


Jivaana x AB

Did someone say curated treasure? Jivaana did! Ladies & gentlemen, this is my new favourite website http://www.jivaana.com. Literally, my browsing history shows that I have a problem *sigh*. Anyway let’s dig right into it with #MyJivaana. It is an e-commerce website that curates ethnic occasion wear and accessories of the utmost quality. The inception of Jivaana came about when they realised that our ethnic flavours are a little lost somewhere amidst western wear (not counting fusion wear). So naturally, for us consumers, there’s a B.E.A.yuuuutiful selection of dainty and intricate jewellery, clutches, minaudières, potlis and clothing as well!



I chose, after countless hours of finally making a decision btw *ugh*, a Black Bird Minaudière by Soulkit. I instantly fell in love with the peacock motif and the zari embellishment gaaah. Not to mention the classic black & gold combination which is beautifully accented with peacock and electric blue. If you look closely, the Soulkit minaudière has Zari AND Gota Pati work and it’s put together in an extremely elegant symmetrical fashion.
I styled #MyJivaana with a simple LBD so it remained the star piece of my outfit. I added a pair of thin gold hoops to balance the gold and to tie the whole outfit together. The great thing about this minaudière is that it has an ethnic look & feel to it but the modern treatment and the body of the accessory is perfect for any western outfit as well! A style tip for an ethnic outfit: If you’re not a minimal girl, don’t hold back, go all out with over-the- top black & gold embellishments in your outfit and let your Jivaana be the perfect accessory. Happy accessorising!