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Hope you’ve all been doing great. Recently, I got some products from Banjara’s and I have been trying them since the past few weeks. They have natural ingredients found in all their products and caters to the needs of the entire family.

Banjara’s was launched in ’93 and their range consists of herbal products which is their aim! The philosophy of the brand is about providing quality herbal products with pure ingredients and in their most natural state to derive maximum benefit with each drop. It simply started with herbal powders and today the brand has expanded beyond just beauty products. There are 36 products in total across 10 categories!



  • Banjara’s Brazilian Black (Hair Dye) is 100% natural with no added preservatives. It is free of dyes and harsh additives. Richest black color of Brazilian fauna is enriched with traditional botanical herbs. Banjara’s Brazilian Black (Hair Dye) with its many benefits works on the hair and skin, as it has both medical and cosmetically properties.


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  • Banjara’s oil clearing exfoliating face wash has a unique combination of Multani mitti and orange peel to give you the flawless beautiful skin you always aspired for. Multani mitti absorbs absorbs excess oil, controls accumulation of sebum thereby prevents pimples from occurring. Orange peel gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells to reveal a soft and supple skin. This soap free face wash is enriched with natural moisturizers and antioxidants that help in getting rid of sun tan and ill effects of pollution leading to a tan free flawless skin.

Banjara’s Multani + Orange Oil Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash Review


  • Banjara’s Multani & Papaya Face Pack comes in a sturdy, white plastic tube with all the product details printed on the back side. The tube has a flip-open cap which shuts tightly. The packaging is compact and can be carried around easily. The Face Pack has a nice, light smell of fresh papayas. It is not an artificial fragrance, but feels natural and not overpowering. The consistency is medium, neither too runny which makes the pack drip all over your face, or not too thick so that it becomes difficult to spread and apply. It has the perfect consistency for a face pack.

Image result for banjara's face pack multani and papaya           Image result for banjara's face pack multani and papaya


  • Banjaras Samvridhi hair oil is an amalgamation of many ayurvedic herbs. Its natural and safe to use. One need mot worry about the silicones. The consistency and texture is sticky and thick like regular oil. But the Oil nourishes extreme dry frizzy hair. It tames the frizz and flyaways, also lubricates the dry roots and ends. If you have been waiting to pocket a hair oil that works well for your hair, then this could be the one.

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Banjara’s brand is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals and Banjara’s do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products.




Lurap x AB

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Hope you’ve all been doing great. This post is in collaboration with Lurap ❤

From a world of standardisation, the fashion industry has come a long way and gone a few steps back. I’m talking about personalization in our style. Sure, when we wear the same sweater as someone, the look could be different (depending on the styling) but wouldn’t It be better to have your own clothes, tailored to you, with no other copies? Now is the time you should visit and explore their one-of- a-kind website. Lurap presents some fabulous options in gorgeous plus size women dresses and a lot more for petite women.

The service they are providing is mighty unique. You go to any category, choose the piece you like and get ready to customize it to your style. Feel free to change the hemline, the sleeves, and the neckline even. It was great to have our lehenga-choli fitted and tailored (I always dread those visits to the tailor argh!) but to have my dresses fitted exactly to my body type? That’s golden.

In a crazy world of being bombarded almost daily with new innovations, Lurap has not only innovated, but broken it down beautifully. Do explore the website and you’ll know what I mean; the way it works is clearly defined and extremely helpful with relevant links at each step. Sure, there are a lot of cool websites with amazing graphics but what I love is that I get fashion and EASY shopping all under one roof, not to mention the added benefit of having my own customized dress.

Explore more at


November called a drop in the temperature and an indefinite drop for my skin.  After a full day of makeup changes, countless chemicals, rubbing, tugging, pulling, what have you, my skin was starting to look drab and I knew a treatment was needed.  But I didn’t go for my usual clean up or facial, I decided to opt for Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Oxy-Blast Luxury Facial.
If you’re a city girl like me, the pollution, daily routine of mad traffic manipulation, not mention the added stress of work will get to you no matter what.  Now I love makeup you guys know that, but my skin not loving it, no no.  And I could literally see my skin desperately holding on to some moisture, some life, just something.  Fortunately, the Oxy- Blast Luxury facial is ideal in such a situation.
The clinic was absolutely pristine and everything about it talked CLEAN SKIN.  The service was impeccable, the technicians knew their treatments and routines inside-out,  the atmosphere they created was extremely relaxing (I did almost go into comatose shhh 😛 ).
The treatment covered a basic cleaning, followed by a generous amount of Vitamin C serum, then the Oxy-Blast treatment – it’s a serum that is compressed into the skin until it is fully absorbed. The technician then completed the treatment with a facial massage, a brightening mask, making this a total 2-hour treatment. But chemicals and treatments aside, long-term planning is sooooo important so here are some tips I got from Dr. Jamuna Pai Skin Lab which are a must must MUST!
1. CTM – Cleanse, Moisturize and Tone! Learn it, live it, love it. And don’t skip it!
2. Sunscreen is such an underrated product in morning routines but so important,
especially in a region like ours, where the sun can be extremely harsh and cause
damage to the skin (those dark patches around your mouth? SUN DAMAGE!)
3. Beauty sleep – If someone looks at this as a chose, then you cray. Sleep off skin
 troubles, stress, mood swings and just about any problem
4. Make sure you have a night routine. Remove all makeup, even if its just one product,wash and cleanse thoroughly but gently, CTM! Besides that, add any special treatment serum you need for acne or blackheads. This is where you add essential oils too!
5. Drink Up! 8 – 10 glasses of water is a must, don’t overlook this step. A quick tip: Keep a beautiful bottle (go shopping for this one specially) that is large enough to cover at least 4 glasses and keep it right on your nightstand, You’ll be bound to finish it!
6. Exercise – it keeps the blood circulated and open your pores to clear out hidden dirt. Just start with light Yoga at home…it could do wonders in the long-run.
Anyway, enough instructions, you’re all beautiful no matter what the situation is,  but do pamper yourself with a good facial like the Oxy-Blast Luxury one and learn to love water,  sleep and CTM! Kisses ❤ …

Rhea Jewellery x AB

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Hope you’ve all been doing great. This post is in collaboration with Rhea Jewellery ❤



I love it when I discover something new, be it a piece of art or a really great song and it comes with an inspiring story. Being a fashion & lifestyle blogger myself, I am constantly looking for new, innovative ideas to represent my style and keep all my readers entertained. So when I came across Rhea Jewellery, I knew there was an inspiring story behind this jewellery brand. Rima Jain, the curator & creator of this brand grew up in the diamond business. She ventured out with her own label of handcrafted & beautiful jewellery.




Their pieces are set primarily in brass embellished with turquoise corals, rhinestones and more. Rhea Jewellery has an extremely versatile collection for those statement pieces from chunky necklaces to eclectic rings to their one-of- a-kind earrings (like the ones I’m wearing! Gorg *in love* ❤ ).




If you’re looking for the next statement to make at work or your friend’s summer wedding, explore Rhea Jewellery for sure. It can also make for the cutest gift to any friend who’s a jewellery hoarder and loves her accessories.




My favourite piece are the white earrings with ornate detailing, making them a truly unique set in my jewellery box. These timeless earrings can be worn with a pearl-white dress, a maxi and even a tinted saree! Rhea Jewellery’s style is mostly modern bling with a few traditional accents, making this label a one-stop- shop for all your jewellery needs.



And hey! They sell exciting head bands and key chains too! So what are you waiting for? Add some sparkle today!



Hoping you guys liked the post, Picture credits goes to Karthik Ramanan. See you guys soon with another post ❤

Stayglad x AB



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Hope you’ve all been doing great. This post is in collaboration with Stayglad.

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If you have a full-time job and have not been to a salon just because you dont have time, then this service is probably the best you could have asked for! Getting the pampering done at your place without any worries be the best!

Recently I tried this new app Stayglad to checkout their home services and I totally loved it. They bring to you the best beauty professionals in Bangalore at your doorstep to pamper you.

This is very convenient compared to going to a salon. Also, comes easy at times when there is so much rush in salons and you feel that the salon expert is not able to devote the full time to you and gets disturbed due to the large number of women turning up in the salon!!! While at home you are exclusively heard and given the best of the services! It saves a lot of time which might just go in waiting for long hours for your turn!

The Booking: 

  1. Choose services
  2. Select date and time
  3. Stayglad 🙂

After quickly signing up, I booked an appointment for the next day. A few minutes later, I received a confirmation.

The Service and Experience:

I was little hesitant before using their services but I am glad that I booked an appointment. It is the best quality services at the comfort of your home. The staff was really organised and she didn’t compromise on hygiene. After unpacking all her tools, she asked me a lot of questions based on the services that I chose. She even showed me the products that she was going to use and was very concerned about my opinion. She gave me tips on how to keep my hair and skin healthy. The service was excellent! They have well-trained staff and makes our lives hassle free!!

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The Result: 

I really loved the service and would recommend all my friends and family to try the same ❤

Hoping you guys liked the post, Picture credits goes to Karthik Ramanan. See you guys soon with another post ❤

O-lens x AB



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Hope you’ve all been doing great. This post is in collaboration with O-lens.

Say goodbye to discomfort and itchy eyes with O-lens! Summer is upon us at its highest peak and believe it or not, even your eyes need to stay hydrated. I recently tried O-lens in their Natural Gray to add a little something special for the summer season. After all, attention to detail is crucial, be it your trinkets, nail art or even eyes!




The lenses are super comfortable to wear and I managed to keep them on for hours without even realizing I have them on! The product has Silicon-Hydro gels which helps your eyes breathe, which is something I struggle with when I use other lenses. In fact, the material the O-lens is a brand that creates premium color lens from South Korea and is bio compatible, which keeps your eyes hydrated throughout. Checkout the website, it’s super fun as it gives you lens-care tips in the cutest webtoon. They even have a guide to help you select a color.

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O-lens last up to 6 months and come in various colors like the classic Brown, Blue, Sky-gray, Green, even Pink *in love* and my favorite Natural Gray. So whether your style is simple, androgynous or extremely quirky, O-lens is the NEW way to make a statement.


I haven’t come to the best part yet…O-lens provides the cutest packaging cases for your lens. From cute ducky cases to cracker cases, O-lens has it all. Explore their lenses and cases here

Hoping you guys liked the post, Picture credits goes to Karthik Ramanan. See you guys soon with another post ❤