Hey Guys,

Hope you’ve all been doing great. This is a fresh, different post from everything you’ve been reading on here ❤

Recently I attended a bloggers table meet, hosted by Movenpick, and it was beyond delightful! Movenpick is a Swiss brand that carries an array of decadent ice cream flavours that is made with the most pure ingredients; their creation of ice cream is an amalgamation of pure goodness and art.
The brand, Movenpick, is under Ne Tar hospitality and they’re known for their fine craftsmanship in creating the most delicious ice cream, using the best ingredients. And exceptional, it was!
The meet was extremely engaging, I met fellow bloggers, participated in the games their team had organized and the best part were the ice cream platters *drooling on my keyboard*. Each flavour that was presented had been conceptualised, developed and curated with the utmost care, as told by the South East Asia brand head, Mr. Rao. He talked about the brand, what it represents, the gazillion ice cream flavours and how they originated.
This entire experience made the ice cream tasting session even more captivating; it was more than just tasting delicious ice cream, we were part of something bigger.
The ice cream parlour is absolutely to die for! The ambience and service only adds to the shopping experience. If you’re a fan of ice cream and haven’t tried Movenpick yet, you’re truly missing out on beautiful, luscious flavours! ❤
Must Try :
1) Belgian Waffle with Chocolate sauce and whipped cream
2) Sorbets
3) Fondue
4) Swiss chocolate, New York Cheesecake Flavour and Madagascar Vanilla

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