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As binge drinking amongst working professionals is on the rise with the proliferation of bars and restaurants, a product like this was waiting to be invented. Morning Fresh was developed keeping mind the changing lifestyle trends of the youth and working professionals as a post drinking solution to help relieve hangovers from the after – effects of alcohol.

Morning Fresh is a unique formulation created by Sericare. Being India’s first natural detox drink, It is formulated in such a way that it flushes out the toxins swiftly before any damage to the liver is caused and also keeps in mind the wellness perspective of the human body, as the formulation has been patented and contains zero fat, carbohydrates and no added sugar or caffeine.

Morning Fresh contains Proteins, Vitamin C and Mulberry Leaf Extracts; that are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin content. It is supposed to be taken as the last drink of the night before bed as it helps in rapid break down of alcohol in the system by re-activating an existing enzyme (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) in one’s liver.

It has been over a year since the inception of Morning Fresh and it has been able to isolate a need and fill the market gap with the unique concept and formulation. The product is available in three flavors; Cola, Strawberry and Mint.

morning fresh

Headquartered in Bangalore, Morning Fresh is all set to take India by storm and become synonymous with responsible drinking and fresh – healthy mornings across India. Founded by Mitali Tandon under the guidance of her father, Bharat Tandon known to be a pioneer in the field of sericulture using Silk as a bio – material to create niche products using cutting edge technology. This drink is here to stay and revolutionize the after effects of a fabulous night and to support healthy living. They are priced at INR 125/-

Available across all liquor outlets in Bangalore and in bars and restaurants. Even available on ,


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