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It’s time to capture a little love the old-school way. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 7 instant film camera takes me to movies set in the 80s; to a more romantic decade (from here that’s what it looks like!) where making a memory was a bigger deal than just pulling out your phone camera and snap! Picture captured and deleted within a moment. Blah! The Mini 7 camera series is just the best way to recreate romance and a moment of instant magic. Everyone has Snapchat and an instant connection to share photos but the joy of using the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 camera, just you and your friends in that moment of anticipation of a an actual, tangible photograph in your hands, it’s priceless!

The Instax Mini 7 camera is extremely user friendly with its Fujinon Lens; the images are of high quality and I love that one can adjust the exposure! So when I’m looking for a summery, pastel-filled shoot, I’ve got my controls at my fingertips. Other features include a flash of course, the image size is 2.13” X 3.4” and the camera uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film to give us shutterbugs, a refined photograph, nay, memory *twinkle in the eyes haha*.


Needless to say that the camera itself is so prettay! The fool that I am, I even took pictures of the camera *noob* but it’s worth the addition, no doubt. Now days, photographs have become so disposable due to our smartphone cameras, I look forward to setting up a mini shoot with my girlitas and making a day out of it. And these are the photos that truly last a lifetimes; it just gives the moment an edge. A vintage edge!
Do explore their collection on http://www.fujifilm.in and it’s also available on Amazon. Happy clicking!



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