Prakriti Herbals

Note to self: Go back to everything natural!!!  That being said, I recently came across an all-natural ingredients skincare brand, Prakriti Herbals. I know most of us are sceptical about opting for a natural composition, perhaps because we think the products won’t work or that the label is a lie. But let me reassure you that Prakriti Herbals is no lie ladies. I received the products a while back and I had decided that I would do a blog post only if the products actually work for me. Its been a month and a half and I’m really glad that I’m hooked to Prakriti Herbals.

I used 3 products from their range: Walnut Wheat xx Exfoliating Scrub, the Papaya Strawberry Aloe Vera Regenerating Face pack and the Rose Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I have extremely dry skin so I decided to use the products step by step. Needless to say the scrub worked wonders on my pores. Unlike other products I didn’t face any burning sensation or itchiness. Walnut is ideal to restore moisture back to your skin, and lord knows we could all use some safe and much needed moisture!



download (2).jpg

The second step was the face pack; infused with fruity goodness, the face pack was extremely cooling. Papaya is packed with antioxidants and various vitamins (A, C, E and K) which makes this fruit a one-stop shop for all skin-related issues. Strawberry too has several benefits as a skin treatment agent like preventing acne, it is anti-inflammatory and it balances the skin complexion.
download (3).jpg
The Rose Aloe Versa Soothing Gel is engineered in a way to heal scars and blemishes. I have been using this product as a toner, massager, and relaxing gel :D. The gel even targets dark spots and the villain of all faces – dark circles! So, there you have it! Dry, rough skin? Scrub! Tired and dull patches? The Herbals face pack. And to top it off, the perfect end to your skin regime, the Soothing Gel!
download 4
Specially curated by Neeta Adappa with utmost love and care for all skin types, Prakriti Herbals has concocted a perfect solution to my skin ailments and the best part is, its ALL natural ingredients. How can it go wrong? Keep your skin safe, supple and happy!
My Guarantee ❤

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