Papa John’s

Delicious flavours, pure ingredients and the best of recipes, Papa John’s pizza is #DaBomb! I was never much of a pizza person, pizza emoji aside hehe but one afternoon I indulged and went on a frenzy. Don’t judge me but I had 2 appetizers, 2 whole pizzas and to top it off, dessert…#GuiltyNotGuilty. So here’s the verdict…
My afternoon of indulgence started with two mighty scrumptious appetizers: ‘Papa’s Chicken Strip’ and the classic ‘Chicken Wings’. With both on my table I was in chicken heaven. Papa John’s stands for the best ingredients and they truly live by that as the meal was fresh, flavourful and it surprised me. We’re constantly overloaded with new flavours and new this and that and so both appetizers exceeded my expectations remarkably. The chicken was cooked to perfection, the crust crunchy and so delightful. I’m a huge chicken wings fan so I was bound to love it but the sauce deserves all the credit.
Next I ordered the pizzas! I ate ‘All The Meats’ and ‘Chicken Super Papa’s. As the name suggests, the All The Meats pizza has *drumroll* chicken sausages, grilled chicken, chicken salami and lamp pepperoni…gaah I’m drooling as I’m recollecting my experience hehe. All these meats combined with luscious mozzarella cheese, it was para para paradise *lame* but honestly one of the best pizzas I have ever had! Moreover, the ‘Chicken Super Papa’s’ is another chicken overloaded pizza but with mozzarella cheese, with appetizing chicken tikka & salami, there’s also the most succulent spicy Italian chicken sausages everrrr and some veggie goodness of mushrooms, capsicums, onions and black olives. Both equally delicious pizzas.
I also tried Papa John’s Molten Chocolate Lava Cake which I can confidently say is an inimitable experience in just one bite. The cake is moist and the molten complements the lightness of the cake beautifully because it’s insanely chocolate-y and dense. All in all, the entire meal was the ultimate foodgasm!

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