Leafy Affair x AB

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you’ve all been doing great❤

This post is in collaboration with Leafy Affair. They make delightful, green terrarium jewellery using tiny glass bottles and jars. And this is no ordinary, garden-variety jewellery.
Terrariums in short are nothing but plants in glass enclosures which forms a sustained ecosystem for the plants to thrive. Terrariums can be either open or closed based on the type of plant and it’s requirements. Leafy Affair is a label of terrarium jewelry made of preserved moss. They capture the essence of spring, the spirit of nature and a riot of colours in dainty vials you can style.
The artistic pieces are released as limited collection and most of them are unique
(i.e. one piece per design is made although there are a few that repeats).
They use real moss which are preserved and dyed and import most of the materials. The jewelry is handmade (both the terrarium itself and the jewelry)
Supriya Donthi (Founder and Chief artist) says Leafy affair came to her life as a result of her passion to plants and nature. A way to keep nature close to you… so why not? So she came up with miniature terrariums with preserved moss that one can wear.

 I personally love the idea of  Leafy Affair ❤  Also, they are not that expensive. The price range is between INR 699–1,099 and the delivery will take a maximum of 12 days.


Hoping you guys liked the post . See you guys soon with another post❤


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