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Hey Lovelies,

Hope you’ve all been doing great ❤

Hectic days called for a pampering session BIG TIME! So, I headed to Artiste Salon & Spa on Lavelle road on a breezy Saturday afternoon. Ladies, and gentlemen too, I know you have a busy schedule doing daily chores, work and other obligations but please, and truly hear me out when I say this, please don’t forget to take care of yourselves on a regular basis. A happy you is everything. Speaking of a happy me, I got treated to a facial and hair spa 🙂


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The experts at Artiste suggested I got for the Cocooning Marine Facial. This baby has marine extracts embedded in the solution that works your skin in-and- out. Of course it’s mild and highly suitable for sensitive skin. Got pigmentation? Clogged pores? Yes, this it for you. Most of us account for the cleanser in our skin routine but skin on a crucial step, the pores cleaning! Make-up, dirt, pollution and god knows what else clogs our pores, making our skin look dull and dreary.




The marine extracts help clean out your pores deeply and leave your skin feeling supple and soft. Asian skin has a tendency to have patchy skin around the mouth area and forehead as well but this facial is the answer to all your pigmentation problems. Not to mention the glow on my face! A must do for all.




Next I got the hair spa. Sadly I learnt that my daily hectic routine has caused hair thinning. And to rectify it, the specialist Raphael at Artiste opted for Bain Stimuliste GL which is specially made for this problem as it is an energizing shampoo.


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To target other primary and secondary concerns like breakage and damaged, my treatment included Concentrate Densifique, which contains stemoxidine and biotin this takes care of the scalp. Booster Ceramic helps strengthen hair and seals the damaged parts in order for your scalp to reconstruct the strands. In addition to that, Masque Densite on my scalp worked wonders in repairing the damage from the scalp and reinforcing an ideal environment for the hair follicles.


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Now the next part helped my thin- looking hair (not anymore woohoo!) tremendously – Volumfique. It amplified the strands and added volume like never before. Lastly, Raphael used a heat protective agent called Oleo-Curl which sealed my hair with the right amount of moisture and protected it from added frizz caused due to excess moisture.


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All in all, a wonderful experience at the Artiste Salon & Spa. I am dying to try their other services to get the best results like I did with my face and hair. Thank you Artiste!


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Hoping you guys liked the post🙂 See you guys soon with another post❤


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