Rhea Jewellery x AB

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’ve all been doing great. This post is in collaboration with Rhea Jewellery ❤



I love it when I discover something new, be it a piece of art or a really great song and it comes with an inspiring story. Being a fashion & lifestyle blogger myself, I am constantly looking for new, innovative ideas to represent my style and keep all my readers entertained. So when I came across Rhea Jewellery, I knew there was an inspiring story behind this jewellery brand. Rima Jain, the curator & creator of this brand grew up in the diamond business. She ventured out with her own label of handcrafted & beautiful jewellery.




Their pieces are set primarily in brass embellished with turquoise corals, rhinestones and more. Rhea Jewellery has an extremely versatile collection for those statement pieces from chunky necklaces to eclectic rings to their one-of- a-kind earrings (like the ones I’m wearing! Gorg *in love* ❤ ).




If you’re looking for the next statement to make at work or your friend’s summer wedding, explore Rhea Jewellery for sure. It can also make for the cutest gift to any friend who’s a jewellery hoarder and loves her accessories.




My favourite piece are the white earrings with ornate detailing, making them a truly unique set in my jewellery box. These timeless earrings can be worn with a pearl-white dress, a maxi and even a tinted saree! Rhea Jewellery’s style is mostly modern bling with a few traditional accents, making this label a one-stop- shop for all your jewellery needs.



And hey! They sell exciting head bands and key chains too! So what are you waiting for? Add some sparkle today!



Hoping you guys liked the post, Picture credits goes to Karthik Ramanan. See you guys soon with another post ❤


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